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salty water forming tiny pear shapes of small disappointments
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The problems must receive a solution.
It is that which one does without thinking that negotiate one’s existence. 
One never truly knows the price that will be paid.
God’s plan.
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where to start

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Why?  Don’t know: I am unsure of the motives that bind words and reasons to complete lines.  Write!  Envision a plot behind which metaphysical door?  The story to be must talk of truth: relative and concrete through the transfer of time, perspectives, emotions, actions, thoughts, places and spaces.  Distilled imperfections transferring heat or lack there of while its residue cling to the edge and bottom of reality.

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sisters and brothers,
be aware of the slippery
wax that contains all trapped in stereotypes.
within reality the Godly interjections echo,
time and tears intermingle
laughter undermines
oh nebula
that which is not the silken strings that hold
bottomless creation within a celestial sea
golden prism
the color of hope disrupts
the mind wonders

who is going to follow the loose trappings?
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Everything Will Be Alright

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Although things have been hard, at times regrettably so
still that life seems meaningless, in the time that rotates away from the
beginning–during the passing and before the end–things will get better. 
So, grandmama’s from generations past, present and future have said everything
will be alright.  Like Bill Withers grandma’s hands made the clouds not so
gray, the snow not so cold and the rain not so wet, so do ours in their own
loving ways.  Let God’s rays warm our hearts and souls while healing the
emotionally cold breezy days. You are worth more than materialistic value for you
hold the weather in your hands.  God Bless!

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As an abstraction, art either liberates or sacrifices are visions.  More or less what we want it to create; sometimes it embodies our sunshine or showers for future view.

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J. N. Barber

P.O. Box 352 • Berkeley, CA • 94701

→    Researched databases; formulated plans and implemented actions that supported company mission and produced positive outcomes
→    Excellent verbal and written communication skills; Organized record keeper
→    Motivated, dependable and dedicated person that works well individually and within a team
→    Proven ability to creatively solve problems, effectively prioritize, multi-task and meet deadlines under pressure

Professional Experience

Computer/Graphic Design/Administrative

  • Proficiently use both PC and Macintosh for the creation of high quality correspondence, documents, forms and spreadsheets with MS Office Suite 2003, Illustrator, Adobe Distiller, PageMaker 7.0, Illustrator, HTML and more
  • Input confidential information; investigated items, updated files and generated reports. Collected and distributed mail
  • Tracked and managed inventory: counted items, reported bullwhips, ordered, stocked and organized shelves; organized and maintained color coded filing system


  • Supported and motivated team members to reach performance goals and deadlines by increasing morale 50% with positive reinforcement and acknowledgement
  • Increased program recognition and funding through a proposal that featured photographed teens with their edited biographies
  • Communication/Development/Motivation
  • Developed strategies and monitored outcomes, coordinated schedules for meetings, made arrangements, prepared marketing mix, documents and facilities; interacted with diverse groups in order to develop business contacts, visibility and contracts
  • Solicited prospective customers through consistent and pervasive direct mail, cold calls, client referrals and distribution of company literature while maintaining existing clients through frequent follow-ups
  • Expanded client base by 25%. Surveyed, collected and evaluated performance and increased efficiency by 20%
  • Inspired teammates to achieve higher sales through great customer service and an open door policy that facilitated employee feedback to management team

Customer Service/Relations

  • Greeted clients, answered phones and interacted with customers and co-workers with pleasant, professional attitude and respectful manner
  • Advised consumers about product selection and resolved customer complaints; increased customer satisfaction and loyalty by 20%
  • Complied with clients’ and companies’ expectations through effective resource management and contract negotiations
  • Compiled information; referred students to appropriate department or personnel and advised students on University policies and procedures


  • Explored clients complaints, provided information and referrals; advocated for self-empowerment and mediated conflicts.
  • Investigated donations and provided documentation of clients’ gift amounts
  • Researched industry, competitors, benchmarks, consumers and target markets through questionnaires, internet and databases


  • Helped calculate the appropriate commercial cleaning fee for prospective clients
  • Operated cash registers and consistently balanced the cash drawer while effectively increasing profit and productivity by 35%
  • Reduced loss by 10% through company debts collection
  • Implemented bar code system of museum inventory that categorized items by medium and type; photographed and described items for auction
  • Assisted in strategic planning and preparation for community events


  • Photographed colleagues, documented performance and created brochures, flyers, postcards, questionnaires and other documents.
  • Initiated graphic design upgrade that enhanced productivity by 40%.  Installed software and trained colleagues.  Decreased marketing and advertisement expense by 25% and increased in visibility by 20%
  • Developed marketing programs within the organizations’ budgetary and time limitations. Established marketing campaigns in order to sustain relationships with loyal and potential customers


  • University of Phoenix, On-line          Master of Management, expected date of graduation 2008
  • Cal State University, East Bay           Project Management Certification, 6/2006
  • University of California, Berkeley     Bachelor of Art, Art Practice, December 2002

Employment History
Berkeley, CA
2006 – 2007

Michael’s Art Store
Emeryville, CA
Sales Associate
2004 – 2005

Peralta Service Corp.
Oakland, CA
Sales Marketing Representative
2003 – 2004
Oakland Museum of CA
Oakland, CA 94607
Administrative Assistant
2003 – 2004
Amandela Project
Richmond, CA
Community Liaison/Graphic Artist
2000 – 2001
University of California
Berkeley, CA
Senior Clerk

References available upon request.

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