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revised ©2000 by j barber
i stand
foot tapping
poetic mapping
nervous waiting
thoughts sketching
while emotions evolve
i just cant put my finger
on it
sight touched by sound
concrete and steel
streaming into
blood and flesh
hard to death
jazz on
the downbeat of a heel
on the city street
i start my praying pace
my heart is screaming
so what and my favorite things
while miles blows seven steps from the A train and
John forces giant leaps out of the Blue train
i wait for
the freedom train
going my way
out of town
out bounds beyonds
sirens and mules
searching for
sweet black wrapped in indigo silk
cruising time
on my mind
bellowing change
boon tonight is right for flight
at moon’s height
loose sight
of my plight
crushing blight
i think
i might bathe in moonlight
survey my savage hymn as
i blush and grin
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