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golden gleaming gourd ©jnbarber, revised 2013

August 2, 2013

golden gleaming gourd

the gracious galaxy

from the gritty ghetto

shines amazing lights

the great gleaming gourd

pours out grandma’s gumbo

may i taste

from your distant

scrumptious sky

the ethereal silver spoon

makes my heart rich

with dynamic day dreams

of springtime memories

going outside for precious play

from the sprinklers to the streets

water falls under you

and love shines above me

the days dazzle from beaded beams

tangled jungle branches shade us

pure emotional possession

not physical obsession

laughter shakes solid structures

eye to eye passions held mirrored

without red floor regret

pure and good

innocent erotic

summer sessions

let love be

like us

naïve and nice

once again

we escape the watching world

behind indulgent doors

express timid ecstasy

tingling temptations

rapid ravenous rapture

love push past lust and

hands pull





send sanctified chocolate

cruising sweetly

out of this world

out of control



mediated preventions

wild hair and glare

but never crushing the rose

I desire to be your everything

and anything

let me place my hands upon you


free me from this

nervous twitching

and crazy sinking

let us start without end


listening to West Montgomery

and bending

beyond belief

as we grope and grind

seems like love

without the demise

around the globe

not the world

ghetto love

sure feels fine

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