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Auction 2 Lucky Bamboo bidding starts at $3.00 plus shipping yes and amen

January 25, 2022

Good day blessed believer, I pray you and your loved ones are well.

It has been a long journey…it reminds me of “Harlem” by Langston Hughes. Brown as my thumb was in the past, reclaiming my sense is self-actualization. I remember like “the Negro Speaks of Rivers” and I am encouraged by my ancestors; my grandma and grandpa (papoo). By the time I was a little girl, our home that they owned in San Francisco had a garden in the backyard and I cooked plenty from our garden; and there were so many plants all over our home, thanks to grandma for the indoor garden and papoo for the outdoor garden.

Grateful, I am sharing with you the peace, love and necessities of house plants that enrich our environments through these monthly auctions: I think everyone should have a plantasticperfect plant experience. I am inspired with every plant that I grow with help from the Father, wisdom from the Holy Spirit and healing from Jesus to share, show and enjoy more plants in our homes, communities. Now even my aunts say that I have a green thumb; thank you, thank goodness and thanks and praises to GOD yes and amen.

FYI Update: thanks to my aunt for winning the first bid at $15.00. Graciously I learned much from the first auction as I will learn more from this second bid. The first bid, I sent it on 1/12/2022, it already arrived on the 1/15/2022. So the spider found a home. Everything was recycled except the small plastic bag that contained the soil. The charity: GA Sustainable Community: https://gscommunityventures.com/ and we want to thank you, your staff and associates for all your help to the communities during these challenging circumstances. Aunt Sadiyyah is giving $7.50 and we wish we could do more.

Heal us and heal our land forever yes and amen.

Have a safe, beautiful and terrific Tuesday and a secure, wonderful and wholesome weekend; thank you, thank goodness and thanks to GOD yes and amen hallelujah hosanna

Holistic heroic healing, jnaima

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