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Be well soon yes and amen

January 26, 2022

Good day, I pray you and your loved ones are courageous, well and empowered.

Get well soon.

Just a cup of morning brew coffee or tea and it taste deliciously healthy (check with your doctor):

  1. Whole Clove
  2. Cinnamon stick
  3. Turmeric root
  4. Star anise whole
  5. Ginger root
  6. Coffee whole bean
  7. Bit of pepper and red peppers or cayenne
  8. Lemongrass
  9. Sage

Coffee: Grind, put in a filter and pour water in the coffee drip or machine maker.

Tea: put in a pot and let boil then simmer.

Heal us and heal our land forever yes and amen.

Have a safe, beautiful and wellness Wednesday and a secure, wonderful and wholesome weekend; thank you, thank goodness and thanks to GOD yes and amen hallelujah hosanna.

Holistic heroic healing, jnaima

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