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much peace and blessings to the artist

September 10, 2013 Leave a comment


surfed upon this asian art image that captured my eye

searched image origins

beautiful heartfelt tearful fear

difficult drawing so much pain there

storm clouds stirring

relentlessly tarrying


at the perilous paw

the rock so dearly clear

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September 9, 2013 6 comments

gratitude for golden grace

thank you

acceptance and authentic


surrendering will to

embrace humility exemplified

trust tangible truth


Living Water overflows

offer hope to hearts for ethereal futures

and shower souls to shine

caring reciprocity

cure the regard

no more destitute, desolate and distressed

free from condemning connections

actively accepting the esteemed endeavors

change creative communities in wandering world

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to you, peace and love j

August 23, 2013 4 comments

luminous lights

omnipotent opulence

vast virtuous victories

ethereal epiphanies

immense immaculate imagination

trillion transparent tributes

rewarding relations

abundant appreciations

effectual experiences

lavish liveliness

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brilliant endeavors

August 17, 2013 5 comments

there is nothing so stifling

hand no release of pleasure

brimmed and still surging

than these precious pearls of pressure

beading the moments edge

laced fragments of events

woven and bejeweled


hold hope to treasure

string along win

cold enchantment fastened

tingling the skin

somewhere between dread and day dream

soaring entirely above seconds

ascend courageously and giving to expire

rising to cocoon again

weighted like the seafloor

then splendor


iridescent consequence

dependent on perspective and purity

observations of virtuosity

peaceful passions


to know the words

escape from authentic connections

and ease contorting tensions

brilliant endeavors

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golden gleaming gourd ©jnbarber, revised 2013

August 2, 2013 Leave a comment

golden gleaming gourd

the gracious galaxy

from the gritty ghetto

shines amazing lights

the great gleaming gourd

pours out grandma’s gumbo

may i taste

from your distant

scrumptious sky

the ethereal silver spoon

makes my heart rich

with dynamic day dreams

of springtime memories

going outside for precious play

from the sprinklers to the streets

water falls under you

and love shines above me

the days dazzle from beaded beams

tangled jungle branches shade us

pure emotional possession

not physical obsession

laughter shakes solid structures

eye to eye passions held mirrored

without red floor regret

pure and good

innocent erotic

summer sessions

let love be

like us

naïve and nice

once again

we escape the watching world

behind indulgent doors

express timid ecstasy

tingling temptations

rapid ravenous rapture

love push past lust and

hands pull





send sanctified chocolate

cruising sweetly

out of this world

out of control



mediated preventions

wild hair and glare

but never crushing the rose

I desire to be your everything

and anything

let me place my hands upon you


free me from this

nervous twitching

and crazy sinking

let us start without end


listening to West Montgomery

and bending

beyond belief

as we grope and grind

seems like love

without the demise

around the globe

not the world

ghetto love

sure feels fine

watered tree trunk

August 1, 2013 Leave a comment

walking down the street

with camera in hand.

hearing the splash,

i see the most amazing scenery.

thank God!


Photograph, watered tree trunk for sale. Thanks for your interest!

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stolen and more

March 12, 2011 Leave a comment

seashore © 2001

by j barber

i lost my bag
my bag
my bag
i’m fearful, then sad
so sad
it is bad
i run to the roof top
time please stop
heavenly projection
i question
why why why
who is to blame
i’m standing in the rain
never given a chance
i had no choice
i must accept the shame
that comes with blame
i have an incompetent brain
someone took my voice
all my poetry is gone
no song
that is wrong
the search is long
this is a stellar quest
i must do my best
and not worry about the rest
those difficult lines
are a competent mind’s find
immortal kind

sea1 (watermarks)

This monoprint, sea © 2001 is for sale. Please contact me with bids and interests. Thank you!

unjust access
by j. barber

i remember
as the one that was before
sometimes i can see, hear and sense
until the pain sets in
and the wall of numbness
goes up
between hopes and horrors
life and love recedes away from me
as pain and panic flow
the lock and key
holds no security
my privacy
and knowledge
are taken away
by the mean spirits

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