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Considering the things I have gone through in the past you would think that someone would say enough but I believe in GOD and He will rebuild my reputation; thank you, thank goodness and thanks to GOD in Jesus name forever yes and amen.

Plantasticperfect: happy healing 2021

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Finally I finished repotting the lucky bamboo a bit yellow bless them Father GOD in Jesus name yes and amen hallelujah hosanna.

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Please Vote Vote Vote People

October 13, 2016 Comments off

9/24/16 (repost from

Glorious good evening,

I have been impacting change in my life and I am still a work in progress. Taking the advice of a fellow passenger on a local bus she suggested that I get with it yesterday—the first step again. Seeking counsel, of course I began to look once again at one of my artistic mentors; and with adobe, I have respectfully created an impression of that painted I long admired by Henry O. Tanner entitled The Disciples See Christ Walking on the Water.




All people have to take part in the electoral process.

Praying together a couple of weeks ago with my aunts, a woman from Africa, a church member and our family, it was an evening of prayers–definitely a beautiful night. Truly thank God in the name of Jesus yes and amen, hallelujah, forever.

O ye sons of Africa, when will your voices be heard in our legislative halls, in defiance of your enemies, contending for equal rights and liberty? –by Maria W. Stewart, 1833, On African Rights and Liberty.

Sorry I have neglected this account and have not been able to access my other accounts including——for several months trying to resolve it. If you are not aware of the issues that I have had with my email accounts and websites since being hacked and then closed by the culprits; I have been harassed on and off for many years. If you see any suspicious e-mails or text from me, please let me know. It makes it challenging just keeping in touch. In God, I would appreciate any information about an effective way of resolving these problems I can be reached at 5108309812. Peace, Love and Blessings!—j



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researcher artist

April 29, 2016 Comments off

Need Resources or Graphics?



Contact j naima


PO BOX 5722

Berkeley, CA 94705

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Happy Holidays and New Year 2014

January 3, 2014 Comments off

bright light bridge 1


bright light bridge 2


bright light bridge 3


bright light bridge 4


bright light bridge 5

God Bless America and Americans

September 11, 2013 Comments off

Condolences and triumphant tomorrows with love and peace!

God Bless the world and restore abundant peace and love for us!

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bridge over troubled water

September 11, 2013 Comments off

Please be patient with me this week. I will reciprocate later. Please take care of yourself.

Peace, Love and Blessings from God!


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the great healer gratitude

September 10, 2013 Comments off

In the past, I have written a gratitude journal. I also recommend that this should be a daily ritual.

As suggested by Nate, Rhonda Bryne and others

I am grateful for:

God, Jesus, the Holy Ghost, Prophets and angels…great good guidance

prayers, peace, love and continuous joy

family and friends

my followers and those I follow: futures and fortunes

those i liked and liked me

teachers, mentors and classmates

colleagues, volunteering and charities

our communities and the world

health, favor, blessing and prosperity

talent, treasure and triumph

truth, trust, strength and sanity

voice and vision

and fearful fragile defeated foes

Glory to God!

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Fueled by Favor and Pushed by Passion

September 10, 2013 Comments off

I have enjoyed going through my work and adding insight. In the back of my mind before restorative rest, I acknowledge Douglas inspiration. Like Tanner, Savage and others, they were stables to my artistic nutrition growing up. Dubious describes it best as a souls educated by two worlds. The works of artist like Cassatt, Kahlo, O’Keeffe and more captivate my imagination. There are endless sublime stars across the vast ethereal indigo to illuminate, from my vantage point for I consider stardust like art as unique as circumstances. I have learned from everyone. Please forgive my inept attempt to give credit and shed light on my creative process. Thank God and you!

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