Not selling art by jnaima12

Righteous, peacemaker and blessed believer with faith in GOD as an Artist and mother with a disability; thanks and praises to GOD in Jesus name yes and and amen hallelujah hosanna forever amen.

Jnaima yes and amen

I have not had the opportunity to sell my work only a few times. Graciously I have given some away to family, friends and colleagues. That is the reason mostly I have not signed them because so many have been stolen. Disappointingly, I have to make another police report.

Recently actually years ago I had the pleasure of meeting two African American men on separate occasions I talked with them about art while we walked near Bart or road Bart in 2019, I sold a journal for $5.00 and a card for $20.00. I was appreciative of them, their patronage and their conversations.

I have been creating original art since I could draw as a child and graduated from UCB. See I know my value as an artist. Ironically the thieves do too as the world ignores me. Graciously I trust GOD and He will not let this be, He is my Rewarder, Provider and Protecter. My WayMaker, He set the record straight and He has the final Word; thank you, thank goodness and thanks praises to the Most High GOD in Jesus name yes and amen hallelujah hosanna forever amen.

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