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golden gleaming gourd ©jnbarber, revised 2013

August 2, 2013 Comments off

golden gleaming gourd

the gracious galaxy

from the gritty ghetto

shines amazing lights

the great gleaming gourd

pours out grandma’s gumbo

may i taste

from your distant

scrumptious sky

the ethereal silver spoon

makes my heart rich

with dynamic day dreams

of springtime memories

going outside for precious play

from the sprinklers to the streets

water falls under you

and love shines above me

the days dazzle from beaded beams

tangled jungle branches shade us

pure emotional possession

not physical obsession

laughter shakes solid structures

eye to eye passions held mirrored

without red floor regret

pure and good

innocent erotic

summer sessions

let love be

like us

naïve and nice

once again

we escape the watching world

behind indulgent doors

express timid ecstasy

tingling temptations

rapid ravenous rapture

love push past lust and

hands pull





send sanctified chocolate

cruising sweetly

out of this world

out of control



mediated preventions

wild hair and glare

but never crushing the rose

I desire to be your everything

and anything

let me place my hands upon you


free me from this

nervous twitching

and crazy sinking

let us start without end


listening to West Montgomery

and bending

beyond belief

as we grope and grind

seems like love

without the demise

around the globe

not the world

ghetto love

sure feels fine

stolen and more

March 12, 2011 Comments off

seashore © 2001

by j barber

i lost my bag
my bag
my bag
i’m fearful, then sad
so sad
it is bad
i run to the roof top
time please stop
heavenly projection
i question
why why why
who is to blame
i’m standing in the rain
never given a chance
i had no choice
i must accept the shame
that comes with blame
i have an incompetent brain
someone took my voice
all my poetry is gone
no song
that is wrong
the search is long
this is a stellar quest
i must do my best
and not worry about the rest
those difficult lines
are a competent mind’s find
immortal kind

sea1 (watermarks)

This monoprint, sea © 2001 is for sale. Please contact me with bids and interests. Thank you!

unjust access
by j. barber

i remember
as the one that was before
sometimes i can see, hear and sense
until the pain sets in
and the wall of numbness
goes up
between hopes and horrors
life and love recedes away from me
as pain and panic flow
the lock and key
holds no security
my privacy
and knowledge
are taken away
by the mean spirits


December 28, 2010 Comments off


revised ©2000 by j barber
i stand
foot tapping
poetic mapping
nervous waiting
thoughts sketching
while emotions evolve
i just cant put my finger
on it
sight touched by sound
concrete and steel
streaming into
blood and flesh
hard to death
jazz on
the downbeat of a heel
on the city street
i start my praying pace
my heart is screaming
so what and my favorite things
while miles blows seven steps from the A train and
John forces giant leaps out of the Blue train
i wait for
the freedom train
going my way
out of town
out bounds beyonds
sirens and mules
searching for
sweet black wrapped in indigo silk
cruising time
on my mind
bellowing change
boon tonight is right for flight
at moon’s height
loose sight
of my plight
crushing blight
i think
i might bathe in moonlight
survey my savage hymn as
i blush and grin

destiny by j. barber revised © 2004

November 10, 2009 Comments off


by j. barber @2004

cradle my soul

make me whole

love away the pain

before I go insane

bring forth your gifts of life

don’t speak of strife

bring forth your rose pedals

for thorns I won’t settle

true love cannot be forsaken

it’s not just given and taken

love is to the bone

it is not simply shown

the hands of time

will never


like sweet dew early morning

you will forever be yearning

to touch, caress and feel

what no other can make real

passion of the ages

that permeates metaphysical stages

heaven on earth

love is rebirth

seal my fate

soul mate

soul mate © 2000 by j barber

March 31, 2008 Comments off
soul mate

i long

to hold you

for an eternity

in unwavering arms

that embody home

as the shores

beckon the waters

and the sands slip into the seas

i long to hold you

so close

to my heart

that at the start we bend to accommodate

tickling whims

more than friends

through simple and complex dividends

how can i need

your intangible caress


your unseen presence

you exist only in my mind


broken fences

and cobwebs

i hold tight to our

projected picture of perfection

my heart feels

as if it will

explode or erode

before our eyes meet

although i am weak

i seek

with sore feet

the hands that understand my shape

when will we feel the touch

listen to those three words

manifest the thought

complete us lovingly

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